Lena Andersen


Denmark Tour In April

We'll be touring Denmark in April so head to "Live Dates" to check for a venue near you ! Looking foward to playing for you soon!

New Album

Happy New Year to my friends and fans out there! I'm happy to announce that I'm working on a new album. Currently doing lots of writing and arranging together with Niclas Johannesen and plan to start recording in March. I'm also on tour in Denmark in April. So stay tuned for those dates to be announced soon!

Brand New Video!

Today we released the video for the song Home Sweet Home! It's made by two fantastic Scottish fellas Kieran Duncan and Kieran Baxter. They're best known for their amazing nature photography and this is the first music video that they've made! Here's a youtube link for the video:

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And here's a link to Kieran Duncan's facebook page:

As well as Kieran Baxter's link:


Writer's Heart

I'm just back from a wonderful tour in Denmark with some awesome musicians and people like you who came to the shows! Thanks.
My writer's heart is full of new melodies and stuff to say, so I'm spending the next few weeks working on new songs. Living in the north country can be pretty dark and cold this time of year...luckily we've got music to brighten our spirits. I look forward to playing some new tunes for you soon!

Oh Brother With The Broken Wing - Live!

Here's our live performance of "Oh Brother With The Broken Wing" from this year's Faroese Music Awards show. Filmed and recorded by Faroese National Television and Radio Kringvarp Føroya. Audio mix by George Tanderø. Enjoy!